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What is the best Hotel in Yerevan? Why?


In the civilized world, tourists have widely been using the method of studying and booking hotels through websites. Today, thanks to these websites, it is also possible to pre-study and book a hotel in Armenia, which meets the requirements of the tourist.

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How to choose a family-friendly hotel in Yerevan, Armenia?


Armenia is a very friendly and hospitable country where everyone loves kids. Do not be surprised or afraid when you see a stranger smiling at your kid or playing with him/her: it is quite normal in Armenia and a kind sign that the person likes your kid ve

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Why to choose Messier 53 hotel Yerevan?


Armenia, a land of holy monasteries and boundless skies. The first step to being a part of this magic is to choose a hotel, so here is why you should stay at Messier 53 Yerevan hotel.

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Armenian Hotel Star Rating Guide


Do you want to visit the hospitable and sunny Armenia and you do not know which hotel to stay in? If you do not know what categories of hotels there are in Armenia and what conditions do they offer, then, perhaps, this article is for you!

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How to choose a hotel in Yerevan, Armenia?


While planning to stay in Armenia first of all you should try to find the best hotel which should have some aspects to be considered a comfortable hotel.

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Messier 53 Hotel Yerevan


Let's explore together Messier 53

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