A Brief History of Hotels and Hotel Industry

The history of the origin of hotels is rather interesting so we decided to tell you the brief history of hotels and hotel industry.

Pilgrims and wanderers. How did the hotel business start?

With the emergence of the desire of people to travel, the first hotels appeared. The era of hotel business began with inns and taverns. In each era, they met their main requirements - they gave guests the opportunity to stay overnight.

Ancient Hotels

The first hotels appeared about two thousand years ago, and, like much of what we now use, they appeared in ancient Greece and in ancient Rome.

Taverns and inns that appeared here were the forerunners of modern hotels. Mainly merchants and artists stayed in such places. Most of them were wandering people.

For a long time, the hotels looked like this: a two-story structure with a place where horses and other animals can be left. On the first floor most often there was a spacious room where people could relax and socialize, on the second floor there were living rooms for those who stayed at the hotel.

Hotels of that time served as a kind of a centre of cultural life, where you could chat, learn about current events, have a drink.

Hotels in Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, hotels were most often built around churches. Thus, the ministers tried to shelter the pilgrims. But in 1530, the king forbade placing all those who travel at the church, then it became necessary to revive private hotels. It is worth noting that in England there were the following requirements for hotels - friendliness, abundant food, the comfort of guests, a pleasant atmosphere.

Modern Hotels

But the modern look of the hotel was acquired not at all in the lands of Eurasia, but in the USA. Researchers believe that this happened around the middle of the 19th century, then they began to give for rent not just rooms, but full-fledged rooms with private facilities in the form of a separate toilet.

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