The most unusual hotels in the world

The world is full of unusual and interesting hotels which deserve attention.

Here we are going to represent some interesting hotels around the world.

1. Capsule hotel, Netherlands

These capsules originally came from an off-shore oil rig and are now called hotels where you can stay in. The inside of the hotel is not so old fashioned as the look of it. There are a few room-and it is up to you to choose one of them. By the way, each of them has its own emergency chemical toilet.


2. Das Park Hotel, Austria

These unusual hotel rooms are quite small: there is only place for you to enter and the only thing you find is your bed and a bedside table near it. The round wall of the hotel is covered with artwork.


3. Ice hotel, Sweden

Ice hotel in Sweden started as an exhibit from Japanese artists in the early ’90s and now it has become a must-visit place for world travellers. It takes 18,000-square feet facility completely from ice and snow to create such an amazing hotel made out of ice.


4. Magic mountain hotel, Chile

This jaw-dropping hotel welcomes guests in every respect. Inside the hotel, you can find 13 subtly decorated rooms with the flora and fauna. Outside of the hotel, you can admire a fantastic waterfall cascading from the roof.


5. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

There are some people, who believe in the underwater life and this hotel come to prove that Poseidon created an amazing world under water! The rooms are so amazing and the cost is also amazing - $30,000 per couple.


6. La Balade des Gnomes, Belgium

The hotel is really for dwarfs: everything is like in a fairy-tale. After you enter the hotel you feel like you are Snow White!


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