The restaurant business in Armenia. Resturant “Kololak”

The restaurant business in Armenia is developing very dynamically and those opportunities that were not so relevant a few years ago are very relevant and popular now.

Armenia is quite gastronomic country and Armenian cuisine is one of the calling cards of the country. And it is very important that the restaurant business and its capabilities go along with the gastronomic traditions of Armenia.

A unique example of the rapid development of the restaurant business is the example of breakfast in Armenia. A few years ago, almost all places opened their doors to visitors after 11 am and it was very difficult to find a place where you could have breakfast in the morning before the start of the working day. And many people did not believe that it was possible to popularize breakfast outside their houses in Armenia and that this option would work here. But now there are many restaurants and cafes that invite visitors in the morning before a working day to enjoy tasty and healthy breakfast to start the day on a good note.

Another very important aspect in the restaurant business is to keep up with the times and follow the innovations in this area. Fresh ideas and technologies are used not only in the world of the Internet and technology, but over time penetrate into other areas. Every day new styles, technologies and ideas are introduced to the culinary and restaurant business.

In such countries as Armenia, the key to success is the merging of these two as it seems incompatible factors, traditional-national cuisine and innovations in modern culinary. A prominent representative of this area is the Kololak restaurant, which is located inside the Hotel Messier53.

Messier53 hotel

If you want to try the pearls of the Armenian national cuisine, plunge into the centuries-old Armenian culture, but still feel full of comfort in the 21st century, the Kololak restaurant is waiting for you with open arms. Our chefs will surprise you with unique dishes. A deep understanding of Armenian traditions allows smooth fusion with the culinary styles of underground and modern.

Kololak resturant

The restaurant Kololak should be especially interesting for tourists who are guests in Yerevan. If you are looking for a good hotel, then you can choose Hotel Messier53 and in addition to the beautiful place of residence you will have the opportunity to visit the restaurant Kololak.