6 Things Not to Do When Booking a Hotel

While booking a hotel in a foreign country you should consider some factors which are nearly the same everywhere. 

Here we are ready to represent to your attention 6 don’t dos while staying in a hotel.

1. Don’t skip the review sites

One of the most important things to check while preparing for your arrival at a hotel is checking the reviews about the hotel. Do not skip this part as reviews will give you some vivid information about the hotel. You can even ask questions to the people who wrote the reviews.

2. Don’t forget to check if the hotel has an airport shuttle

It will be too comfortable if the hotel has an airport shuttle, so do not forget to check it. Also, do not forget to check the time of the shuffle not to be late for the bus.

3. Don’t fail to check parking availability and cost

If you are travelling in your own car do not forget to check the availability of the parking space, whether it is free or how much does it cost, how safe is it.


4. Don’t forget to check the cost of breakfast

In many hotels, you will find that breakfast is included in the main price of staying in a hotel, but do not forget to check is it free or you should pay some money.

5. Don’t be ashamed to ask

If you have some questions (even if the questions seem not so important for you) do not be ashamed to ask the hotel staff! It is their job to answer your questions and try to help you.

6. Don’t forget to check the exact hotel location

If you are planning to stay in the centre of the city or near some buildings and at your arrival, you find out that the hotel is far from where you wished it was, then it is your mistake, as you didn’t check the exact location of the hotel.

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Have a wonderful time in Yerevan and do not forget about don’t dos in any country!