Questions to ask before booking a hotel room

While choosing a hotel in a foreign country you should know the answers to several questions, which will help you to choose the best hotel with the best conveniences according to your budget.

Let’s discover some questions which are essential while choosing a hotel.

• Is the reception open 24 hours?
• Which languages are spoken in the reception of the hotel?
• Is there wi-fi in the hotel?
• Is the hotel near the airport?
• Is the hotel near the road?
• Is there parking near the hotel?
• Are pets allowed?
• Is there a transfer?
• Check-in and Check-out hours. Is there a chance to check-in earlier and check-out later?
• Are there any sales in the hotel?
• Is the hotel family-friendly?
• Is the hotel kid-friendly? Is there a kid menu in the hotel?
• Is the breakfast included in the free services of the hotel?
• What is breakfast time?

• Is there a special service for the nanny?
• Is there a kid’s bed or kid’s chair?
• Is there a doctor in the hotel?
• Are there any entertainment centres, bars, cafes or restaurants near the hotel?
• Is there any sightseeing near the hotel?
• How many stars is this hotel?
• What is free in the hotel?
• Is there any construction near the hotel?
• Is there a spa centre in the hotel?
• Which are the free and the paid activities in the hotel?
• Are there any parks, yards around the hotel?
• When was the latest reconstruction of the hotel?
• How often is the hotel room cleaned? Which are the hours of the cleaning service?

Do not forget to read also some reviews about the hotel or try to find a person who stayed in the hotel you want to book a room in.

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