Best breakfast places in Yerevan

There is a familiar saying - "Eat breakfast yourself, share your lunch with a friend, give dinner to the enemy." I fully agree with this idea, because a full breakfast is a guarantee of good health and a good day. Much depends on the right breakfast: the performance of mental and physical energy, positive emotions, and of course a good mood.

So, where can you have breakfast in Yerevan that can be tasty, useful and not too expensive?

Louis Charden

Louis Charden on Amiryan Street is one of the first cafes in Yerevan, where they began to serve breakfast. Classic and chocolate croissants, as well as croissants with various fillings, sandwiches, light salads, desserts and cappuccino. In short, everything you need in order to get enough for the next few hours.

Home decor and warmth are the inseparable part of the interior of the café where a jar of compote and jam are exhibited on the stained glass windows. Louis Charden is open from 9:00 AM.

Tiziano boutique café

Tiziano boutique café, one of the central cafes of the city, is located near the northern avenue. An elegant cafe with small tables of European style predisposes to itself. From 8:30 AM the cafe doors are already wide open for the visitors. Here you can have breakfast with all sorts of nourishing goodies. The cuisine is continental, French and Italian. Eclairs, puffs and cakes, as well as fruit tartlets and Belgian hand-made chocolate, are the perfect combination with Italian coffee.

Baguette & Co

Baguette & Co recently opened at the intersection of Abovyan-Tumanyan streets is a cosy café, a place where you can have a delicious breakfast, as well as listen to good music, looking up from the city rush. Omelette, sandwiches, summer salads, croissants: here you can have a delicious breakfast. Also here you can taste the varieties of delicious yoghurts: with berries, biscuits, dried fruit, this will definitely give you energy and tone for the rest of the day. The cafe is open at 8:30 AM.

Breakfast 53

If you want to combine both perfect hotel and perfect breakfast place in Yerevan then Messier 53 and Breakfast 53 can be the perfect mix! Breakfast 53 is situated right in the modern hotel Messier 53 and it can be the best place to have breakfast and get energy for the rest of the day! European-inspired breakfast can be the best for any taste. The breakfast place is open at 07:00 AM.

Make sure to try all kind of food while staying at Messier53 hotel Yerevan!