Planning Christmas and New Year in a Hotel in Armenia

Christmas and New Year are the most awaited holidays in the lives of not only children but also grown-ups. All of us wait for the miracle to happen and all of us want to celebrate New Year and Christmas different from the last Christmas and New Year.

If you are searching for a wonderful place to celebrate New Year and Christmas than Armenia is the dream you are looking for. Let’s learn how to plan Christmas and New Year in Armenia correctly.


1. Choose a hotel in the centre of Yerevan

If you are going to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Armenia, the best hotel should be located in the centre of Yerevan – as the most of entertainment centres are located in the city centre and you can have fun to your heart’s content.

2. Choose a family-friendly hotel

If you plant to celebrate Christmas or New Year with your family make sure the hotel is family friendly. If you have kids, make sure it is kids-friendly.

3. Entertainment centres

Choose a hotel not far from the entertainment centres in order not to get bored with staying in a hotel. Armenia has too many places to offer to you and it depends on how old are you, although Winter Park is suitable for people of any age.


4. Christmas decorations

If you feel comfortable when the hotel is decorated, then ask the hotel staff how it is going to be decorated? Will your room also be decorated? Can you change the decoration yourself etc? These questions are important when you are travelling with a kid.

5. Santa Claus

Will Santa Claus visit the celebration at the hotel? Should you buy the presents for the kids or will the Santa bring them? These questions are also interesting to know if you plan your rest with a kid.

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Messier53 Hotel, 27.11.2018