Winter Holidays in Armenia, Yerevan at Messier53

The main sights of Yerevan for New Year are Republic Square (this is where the New Year is celebrated with fireworks and a huge Christmas tree), as well as Freedom Square in front of the Opera House.

Every corner of Yerevan is full of winter breath, festivals, and celebrations. Let’s find out some must-see places in Yerevan in winter.

Must-see places in Yerevan in winter

And where to go in Yerevan in winter? You should obligatory visit:

1. Republic Square
2. Cascade,
3. Northern Avenue (pedestrian street),
4. St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral,
5. Genocide Memorial (Tsitsernakaberd)
6. The statue of Mother Armenia (Victory Park)
7. Swan Lake
8. Yerevan Winter park
9. Vernissage Market
10. Charles Aznavour Square ("Moscow" Cinema house)
11. Art gallery "Dalan"
12. Matenadaran
13. Blue Mosque
14. Cognac factories (and museums) Noah and Ararat
15. Opera House (Freedom Square)


While walking in the streets of Yerevan you will be pleasantly surprised by not only amazing buildings of Yerevan but also by the New Year decoration, especially the evening one.

If you do not know that you are in the capital of Armenia, you would think that you are in the capital of France, although Yerevan is much older.

Where to stay in Armenia, Yerevan? 

When you are in Armenia, Yerevan, make sure to find a hotel in the center of Yerevan as all the sights, interesting buildings, cafes, bars are situated in the center of Yerevan.

Besides that, it will be quite easy for you to go anywhere from the center of Yerevan. So we offer you to stay at Messier 53 hotel Yerevan which is situated in the heart of Yerevan – in front of Vernissage open-air museum-market.

The address of the hotel Messier53 is Vardanants str. 15/4, Yerevan, Armenia. Welcome to Armenia! Have a fantastic time!