Armenian Hotel Star Rating Guide

Do you want to visit the hospitable and sunny Armenia and you do not know which hotel to stay in? If you do not know what categories of hotels there are in Armenia and what conditions do they offer, then, perhaps, this article is for you!

Most likely you know the accepted system of classification of hotels by stars. In Armenia today, most hotels are certified, most of these hotels are four-five-star hotels and the services they provide fully comply with accepted international standards.

However, there are a number of hotels that do not spend on this sort of classification, while the level of services they provide and the conditions can be considered the level above the average.

There are a large number of three-star hotels in Armenia, as this category of hotels is the most in demand among foreign tourists. Across the country, there are about a hundred hotels, most of which are in Yerevan, near Lake Sevan and in the ski resort of Tsakhkadzor.

However, there are hotels and hostels are in almost all cities of Armenia. So, let's go through the classifications of hotels in Armenia in more detail:

One star hotels in Armenia

This is an option of the cheapest hotels, which include the minimum amenities required for spending the night.

Such hotels are far from the city centre, however in the case of Yerevan they are about 1-5 km away from the centre. The rooms usually include two beds and do not include meals. The room consists of beds, chairs, a closet or a hanger, a mirror and a washbasin.

Despite the not very attractive range of services, this option is ideal for those tourists who are looking for an inexpensive option and do not expect anything more than a decent overnight stay. In addition, the availability of prices does not mean that the hotel does not meet the requirements of safety and hygiene. You can book these rooms in hostels and in guest houses for 2,000-8,000 AMD per night.

Two-star hotels in Armenia

This category of hotels includes the same as that of single-star hotels, but in this case, it also offers meals.

Often there is a cafe or a canteen on the territory of the hotel or guest house. Bathroom and toilet are not shared but are in the room. You can book these rooms for 7000-15000 AMD per night.

Three-star hotels in Armenia

This category is the most popular all over the world, in Armenia as well, since it is the most optimal service offer at their price.

For a little money, you can get a decent rest in more comfortable conditions. These rooms include a mini-bar, shampoos, soaps, towels, a standard kitchen kit. Also, the price per night includes breakfast. The room is equipped with necessary equipment (TV, telephone, air conditioning, hairdryer). You can find a parking space in the territory of the hotel. You can book this room in Armenia for 14405 to 21608 AMD per night.

Four-star hotels in Armenia

Four-star hotels in Armenia provide high-level services and are located closer to the city centre or are in the centre. The hotel rooms have a good design and interior.

The room includes air conditioning, TV, minibar, telephone, a safe, hairdryer, shampoo, shower gel. Bed linen and towels are changed every day. On the territory of the hotel, there is a restaurant, swimming pool, beauty salon, parking, car rental, sauna, free gyms, courts and pools. Such rooms in hotels in the city centre can be booked on their official websites at a price ranging from 21608 to 36014 AMD.

Five-star hotels in Armenia

A five-star hotel in Armenia guarantees you the most pleasant and comfortable place during your stay in the sunny land full of excitement.

Such hotels have a luxurious design and interior: they include all possible amenities and a full range of hygiene products. In addition, they have several bars and restaurants, nightclub, casino, beauty salons, fitness rooms, indoor and outdoor pools. Such hotels include all the possible infrastructure that can facilitate your life during your holiday. Such rooms in hotels in the city centre can be booked on their official websites at a price of 40,000 AMD.

Visit Armenia and spend your unforgettable vacation in the most comfortable conditions for yourself!